The Top Seven Things to do at the Brighouse 1940s Weekend

There is plenty to see and do in Brighouse during the 1940s Weekend. But what are the top things you absolutely should try out while visiting? Well, wonder no more, here is Brighouse Event’s Top Sveen Things You Must Do at the Brighouse 1940s Weekend.

1. Watch Reenactors Stroll the Streets in Vintage Outfits

Whether you will be dressed in 1940s attire or not, seeing so many vintage 1940s outfits roam the streets of Brighouse will put a smile upon your face. From fur jackets to flowery dresses and actual WW2 uniforms. It’s part of what makes this event so special, the outfits bringing oodles of character to the weekend. Keep your eyes peeled and don’t be shy, most reenactors are more than happy to say hello and pose for pictures.

2. See vehicles from a bygone era

One of the reasons the 1940s was so cool are the cars and military vehicles. The Brighouse 1940s Weekend has plenty on display, including a life-size Spitfire, many Willys Jeeps and road cars of the time. From classic British saloons to sleek French convertibles.

The road vehicles come from a time of distinctive style, whereas the WW2 machines are a harsh reminder of the difficulties faced during that period. Being able to get up close and personal to such imposing machines is a sight to behold.

Brighouse 1940s Weekend Canal Boat

3. Ride on the Brighouse Canal

Yes, you read that correctly. You can take a free boat ride up and down the Brighouse Canal, thanks to the Calder Navigation Society. They depart every 30 minutes and the trip will take 20-25 minutes. There’s no better way to soak up the 1940s atmosphere and the sun.

4. Enjoy the WW2 plane flyover

The RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight is kind enough to fly over the town of Brighouse in a WW2 plane. In previous years this has been a Spitfire, with that distinctive sound. Seeing something flyover Brighouse is something truly unique and for all to enjoy. Certainly not something you see every day.

As with all flyovers, especially for the older classic planes, the event is very much dependent on weather conditions. But if the sun is out, the engine shall be roaring overhead.

Brighouse 1940s Weekend Pie Food

5. Try something different

Food wise, that is. There are over 40 food stalls for you to browse and try. From ice cream to crêpes and just about everything in between! Why not try delicious Pie and Peas from North’s Seasonal Kitchen, a traditional Merrie England Coffee or Bangers and Mash from Brooks. The local eateries are all open, but most also have stalls too with special additions, such as extra-fresh bread by Hartleys. But be quick, they can often sell out.

6. Enjoy a song or two

On Bradford Road, a stage is created where free live music is performed. All of your favourite 1940s songs will be sure to make an appearance. There are seats too, or if you fancy, space to have a jive. In addition, there are other areas around the town, such as the square near Wetherspoon’s, which also sees a 1940s DJ playing music for many people to enjoy and dance to.

On Saturday evening, there is also the Party in the (car) Park, with DJ Dapper Dan until 9 pm. The upshot is, should you feel the urge to show off some super-smooth dance moves, this is the event for you. If that’s not your thing, it is simply a pleasure to watch those who are in the mood for dancing.

Brighouse 1940s Weekend Dancing 02

7. Visit the town of Brighouse

This may sound a bit odd, seen as the Brighouse 1940s Weekend is in Brighouse and thus, you will already be in Brighouse. But take the time to check out the long list of independent shops in the town. Many, if not all, will be open across the two days and you’ll soon realise that it’s a thriving community. You will be able to get food, drink, clothing, bike repairs, photo frames, household essentials, pieces of art, custom pottery, mobile phones and much more. So remember, if you visited the Brighouse 1940s Weekend for the first time, Brighouse itself is open all year round.

If you are reading this after this year’s event, the 3rd and 4th June 2017, then fear not. It will happen again in 2018. See you there! This is also only a sample of the things you can do, the best way to experience it is to simply visit and have a walk around.

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